• We all remember the Great Clay Regazzoni , immediately after his accident Ray contacted Guidosimplex he wanted to return to the race track as soon as possible !! he did not have time to waste , but in order to do so he needed an innovative solution specifically designed for competitive racing. His desire to race was contagious and he transmitted this to each and every one of our team, shortly afterwards we set about creating the perfect solution that would once again allow him to compete professionally.
    It was during this period, thanks to our long standing business partner in Spain , D. Jose Maria, that a young and charismatic Albert Llovera was introduced to the world of Guidosimplex, since then our relationship has developed into a collaboration and friendship that knows no boundaries , his feedback as was the case with Ray , has allowed us to evolve and design driving solutions with a cutting edge not only for Competitive driving but also for commercial usage.
    Our latest challenge was to prepare a “Tatra Truck” for the 2016 edition of the Paris Dakar Rally !! Our Chief Technician Antonio Patti has much in common with Albert , they have worked together for many years and he understands better than anyone else what Albert expects from a competitive vehicle. Time was short but Antonio, after listening to Alberts team worked night and day and once again pulled out all of the stops making sure that Albert and his team got the perfect solution.

    We would like to take this occasion to publicly recognise and thank Albert for the contribution that has made towards making Guidosimplex the company that it is today and we will do it in his own words “KICKS”.

    Because of this huge experience with Albert we have continued to expand within the Racing world , collaborating with drivers such as Michael Johnson , Takuma Aoki and Alfredo Di Cosmo , scroll down and read up on their story of success and the challenges that life prepared for them.

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