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  • Guidosimplex Srl “Tomorrow’s Technology Today “

    Knowledge is power but sharing that knowledge is even more important The ability to understand, to help and to work with different personalities To enable our Agents and End Users worldwide to succeed on their own using Guidosimplex Products … That is our Goal.

    Stefano Venturini

    Guidosimplex has understood this concept now for many years and it continues to be the driving force behind our success today. One of the most famous Phrases recognised globally, pronounced by the great Martin Luther King, was “I have a dream” , well in the 1950’s so did the Venturini Family, “Otello Venturini and his two sons Giancarlo and Stefano.

    Their dream was revolutionary for the times “Enable people with a reduced mobility capacity to drive” , the post war boom was in place , FIAT were turning out economic vehicles at an extraordinary rate, allowing more and more people to take to the road, but not disabled people….

    They presented their first driving solution to the Italian Ministry of Transport in 1958 and received full approval , the “F” License was born as was Guidosimplex Srl.

    We’ve come a long way since then , new technology , manufacturing methods , electronics etc.. but our endeavour has remained unchanged and our innovative designs have distinguished us as the pioneering force within the industry globally. All of our devices are created using up to date design programs, allowing our team to evaluate the virtual functionality of each separate component.

    We have tried to remove the word “NO” from our vocabulary , understanding that every individual has specific needs , needs that we will fulfill, be it for standard everyday usage or for competitive Racing.

    We are constantly on the lookout for better ways to support end users’ needs and in order to do this we have established strong relationships with numerous Car Manufacturers such as FIAT, Renault, VW and Mercedes Benz to name but a few, this enables us to keep pace with a continuously evolving Industry , it is because of these relationships that Guidosimplex can today offer a vast range of fully certified and approved Driving and Passenger Transfer Solutions.

    Guidosimplex “Our Competence , Your Satisfaction”

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