• FLY Wireless Accelerator

The new Hsens technology developed specifically for the “FLY” Accelerator - 906ELG – allows the End User, by means of a strategically positioned "trigger", to achieve a gradual and precise acceleration. The ergonomics of the handset enables the End User to keep both hands on the steering wheel ensuring complete control of the vehicle in all driving conditions.. Its overall size together with the Wireless technology, allows the user to operate without difficulty the brake lever, the gear lever and all the controls on the steering wheel whilst maintaining complete visibility of the dashboard. The innovative design is perfect as it takes various aspects into consideration such as comfort, weight and overall aesthetics, the adjustable strap allows the End User to find the most suited hand position ensuring total comfort when driving.

    Main Features:
  • Wireless Technology
  • Made in Italy design
  • Readily available in two sizes: Standard & XL
  • Readily available as either a Right or Left hand solution Wears like a glove
  • Safety first, as with all Guidosimplex Electronic Accelerators, once braking is performed acceleration is automatically inhibited
  • Rechargeable via a Powerbank
  • Suitable to almost every vehicle
  • Fully approved by the Italian Ministry of Transport


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FLY Wireless Accelerator ...

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